March 26, 2023


Digital Art Community


Make Your Own Band Name

Would you like to start your own band? As they say, getting started is half the battle, and the other half is picking an unforgettable band name (you can worry about the music part later). And if you’re on a tight timeline, using our handy band name generator will give you lots of time to learn how to play bass. Rock on.

Take the first letter of your first name:
A-B — Devilish
C-D — Fucked-up
E-F — SKumpy
G-H — Tired
I-J — Depressive
K-L — Offline
M-N — Fartin’
O-P — Sozzled
Q-R — Ramshackle
S-T — Unclear
U-V — Northern
W-X — Blackpilled
Y-Z — Waste-bin

Then take the first letter of your last name:
A-B — Pedants
C-D — Feminists
E-F — Gordons
G-H — Novelists
I-J — Nihilists
K-L — Vagabonds
M-N — Horse girls
O-P — Moms
Q-R — Internets
S-T — Lights
U-V — Basements
W-X — Crybabies
Y-Z — Waste-Hips

Your band name is…
The ______________ _______________s