May 29, 2023


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Hernan Bas: Creature Comforts @ Perrotin, Paris
Hernan Bas: Creature Comforts @ Perrotin, Paris

There are those artists who enjoy a fervid fan base among their peers.  Neo Rauch, Jenny Saville and Kerry James Marshall share eminence as painters’ painters, for example. in recent years, a few new names have crept into the conversation, and one frequently mentioned is American artist, Hernan Bas, who just opened his fifth solo with Perrotin in Creature Comforts at their Paris space. I can think of numerous times, in fact, when I have seen a Bas painting at an art fair and brought to a standstill, mesmerized by the details and slightly sinister nature of the paintings. He’s good, and a sinewy tension brands through each work.