May 29, 2023


Digital Art Community

New Bandanas Now Available

Our newest bandana design has arrived in the warehouse and is available for immediate shipping. These bandanas are sewn and printed in the USA. 

The design features our logo in the center, a swarm of bees and four “skeps” (not igloos) at the corners. Skeps are an early form of beehive. And bees and skeps were common symbols for woodworkers.

We use bandanas for a lot of things, from protecting our lungs when changing the dust collector to keeping our faces warm in cold weather. Bandanas aren’t the best protection against disease, but they are better than a sharp stick in the eye.

These bandanas feel a little coarse right from the factory. Wash yours before you use it, and it will become as soft as a bee’s belly.

The bandanas are $24. We have a limited quantity. Once they are gone, they are gone.

— Christopher Schwarz