May 29, 2023


Digital Art Community

Lesson #3, 2020

EJ Hill is known best for his endurance-based performances but is also an object-maker, writer, and installation artist. He has used neon to put text into conversation with his body while he performs, and as a source of light in dark circumstances. During a year-long fellowship at Harvard University, Hill began making the series Lessons, in which each work includes a chalkboard with a declarative message. In these pieces, Hill recasts the objects and language of the American education system to reckon with the fact that these institutions are not designed for all.


EJ Hill
United States, b. 1985
Lesson #3, 2020
From the series Lessons
Birch, acrylic, latex, mirrored acrylic, and neon
Purchased by AHAN: Studio Forum with additional funds provided by the Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation, 2020 Art Here and Now purchase