May 30, 2023


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Happy Isles: Time Traveling with Lily Kaizer
Happy Isles: Time Traveling with Lily Kaizer

Like most of us this year, Lily Kaizer has been wearing a lot of T-shirts and drawstring bottoms, local weather reports dictating the desired lengths. When considering what to wear, and we all share that in common, whether it’s a uniform or layers of fantasy, whether black on black or riotous color, clothing is fashion. For its many aficionados, Vintage is the fashion of choice, and it’s an absolute choice that is attracting more fans for so many reasons. Because there currently is a sense that, in some aspects, time has stopped, with no events that dictate (for now, bye bye, Burning Man, and adieu to Art Basel) and we’re left to our own dreams, devices and decades. Talking to…