May 29, 2023


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Florida Artist Bring Joy To Families Through Portraits

PhilmyPortraits is using his skills to help bring joy to families across Florida and the world. All it takes are a few photographs and a lot of his own personal time to draw portraits. With more than 1000 reviews on Facebook, his list of commissioned works grows every day.

Let’s discover more about Philmy:

Where are you from?

I am originally born and raised in Bridgeport, CT has been nomadic since mainly hanging out in the Florida area through the Weeki Wachee area.

When did you know you were an artist?

I knew I was an artist when others started explaining their emotions towards my art. I wasn’t aware my art evoked such various emotions from people.

How did you start doing portraits?

I started doing portraits but simply promoting my services online. It kind of took off like a snowball effect and I’ve received daily commissions for over 4+ years.

Have you had support from your family and friends?

I don’t have and have not had support from friends and family as I don’t look to them for support. I promote my services to strangers in order to reach a true organic following.

Where do ideas come from for you, explain in your own words the process?

My ideas and inspiration come from my struggles and upbringing. I tend to always come up with something creative based on my unorthodox way of living. My view on the word is somewhat different than others.

How did covid-19 affect your work?

Covid -19 affected my work drastically because I was able to capitalize on the stay-at-home movement and promote and reach more clientele. Which boosted sales and following.

What or who inspires you?

I am inspired by many of the greats Basquiat, Picasso, and Lee Goldie but I am mainly inspired by myself and the adversity I faced growing up and the adversity I face trying to become a successful artist. I truly had no idea how cutthroat the art world can be when an artist tries to introduce a new style.

What are you working on?

I’m currently working on new original artwork and continually working on commissions in between ( about 400+ people on the current commission’s list )

Your dream for the future now?

I am always dreaming of the future and manifesting my destiny. I can see my art reaching and impacting many people around the world.

Where people can find your art?

People can find my art online on FB/IG @philmyportraits I’m currently working on having my own studio storefront.