April 1, 2023


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Brick & Mortar: A Conversation with Michael Reeder

Brick & Mortar: A Conversation with Michael Reeder

We wake up in California once again this Sunday with the threat of new fires and massive heat wave, and it feels almost like a perfect metaphor to the works of Michael Reeder. The last time we checked in with Reeder, his solo show in Tokyo with Hidari Zingaro had opened in the midst of the pandemic in the most uncertain of times. Now, the Los Angeles-based painter is set to open (virtually) a new solo show, Brick & Mortar, at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco on October 3. Ahead of the show, Dasha Matsuura sat down with Reeder to talk about his second solo with Hashimoto, the incredible 2020 calendar year and mortality.